Squat radar calendar integration

https://wordpress.org/plugins/squat-radar-calendar-integration/ the widget WORKS both on gutenberg themes that classic themes! You can find more documentation on the ufficial link of the plugin. Here you can find a description with images (en): https://network23.org/blog/uncategorized/radar-events-plugin/ You can find this plugin activate in the footer of this blog. An in this page: https://docs.noblogs.org/eventi-squat/ ADD AS WIDGET If you… Continue reading Squat radar calendar integration

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Activate block editor

SUMMARY: Dashboard > Settings > Writing Change set on Block editor and give the possibility to your user to choose now you can selectively choose for each article/page if use block editor or classic start to use blocks 🙂 Here the step by step description to use the editor Gutenberg in noblogs: Dashboard > Settings… Continue reading Activate block editor