Activate block editor


  1. Dashboard > Settings > Writing
  2. Change set on Block editor and give the possibility to your user to choose
  3. now you can selectively choose for each article/page if use block editor or classic
  4. start to use blocks 🙂

Here the step by step description to use the editor Gutenberg in noblogs:

Dashboard > Settings > Writing

After logged in your blog, from the dashboard, use the left column to select Settings, and select again Writing.

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Choose the Default editor for all users

In the screen Writing, choose:

Block editor

And set on YES the option: Allow users to switch editors.

You can choose for every post

Meanwhile you are editing a post or a page, at the bottom right, you can switch editor,

Gutenberg is a long term project from WordPress, read more:

in basso a destra trovi come cambiare editor

Do you like this layout? is gutenberg!

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